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Tips to Leverage Personal Brand For Greater Career Success

Personal Branding For Your Success

“Eyes can express what words can’t, so why not further beautify them with kajal.” Growing up, kids imitate their parents; for instance, girls tend to apply kajal like their mums, and boys act tough, like their dads. Regardless, we all have used Kajal, whether as kids during school events or as a grown-up’s daily makeup. Speaking of kajal, the first brand that pops up in mind is – Maybelline New York. Renowned for its bold, black and smudge-free kajal, Maybelline identifies itself as a brand for people who want to - “make it happen .”Maybelline’s motto is known by everyone, from millennials, to gen z everyone has used it at least once!

Similarly, Nike and “Just do It” and Adidas with “Impossible is Nothing” are some brands that have turned out to be huge successes. Wondering how they did it? Through self-branding! The said brands are exemplar illustrations of self-branding, a trait essential when it comes to the modelling industry. Landing your dream projects and being seen by huge brands would require you to have a personal brand.

All this can be perplexing for aspirants; therefore, we decided to take you through personal branding and ways to leverage it for your career herein.

What is personal branding?

Maybelline made us “make it happen” for ourselves, and Apple made us “think different” through one simple method - SELF BRANDING. Personal branding or self-branding is a conscious act influencing people’s perceptions of you. It is similar to a corporate brand that represents who it is, its values, what core beliefs it follows, and what it stands for. Self-branding communicates your unique personality to the world.

Why is personal branding important for aspiring models?

Personal or self-branding is a way to tell your tale to the world. In the modelling industry, your story and brand make you unique, which matters if you seek a successful career. 85% of the time, your hiring depends on your branding. Self-branding will help the casting director see your strengths and reputation and evoke trust in them more easily. Along with it, self-branding will communicate your x-factor and unique attributes to the casting director.

Proven tips for building a personal branding


Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu, a girl born and brought up in the small town of Punjab, Gurdaspur, bagged herself the title of Miss Universe 2021. After a whopping 22 years, India won this title, thanks to her; wondering how? Self-branding was a critical factor in her success. She told the world about her being bullied for being too skinny and her “celiac disease” disorder. Her personal experience inspired her winning answer, which eventually benefitted her.

Listen up, you can do it too! Here are a few tips for building a personal brand.

1- Do your research and create your personal branding statement

For this, you need to identify what defines your personality the most accurately. Identify what reflects you, and ask yourself certain questions like:

  • What motivates you?

  • What is your niche?

  • Which roles define you?

Once you get the answers, start paving a roadmap. Ask your friends or family if you can’t figure out the answers. Let them answer for you, and see if their responses match your conscience. Research yourself!

2- Come up with a unique personal branding strategy

Once you have figured out your answers and researched yourself, the next tip is to develop a unique strategy. Everyone today understands the need for self-branding. While competition in the modelling industry is second to none, it has become the need of the hour. Therefore, while creating a strategy, make sure it is based on your strengths and assess your weakness according to your preferred niche.

3- Discover & leverage your ‘Unique Selling Point’

If you are a modelling aspirant, you must be aware that the industry wants your uniqueness. Unlike other industries, possessing the same qualities and excellence makes you a part of the crowd. Thus, to achieve excellence through self-branding, make sure that your unique selling point is a part of your strategy and leverage it to show the casting directors and your audience what makes you different and unique.

4- Surround yourself with inspiring people

The next tip for self-branding is to surround yourself with people who inspire you the most – in real life and reel life. See what they are doing, follow their pathways, learn from their mistakes and build a future-proof self-branding strategy. Trace them online to see which of their content works well, sort out your niche and start implementing your plans.

5- Measure your success regularly

The strategy you pave for yourself will eventually give you a result, whether good or bad. There will be times when your self-branding strategy will hit the right chords and work wonders for you - keep track of it! Check what is working for you and plan your next move accordingly!

6- Seek out mentorship and industry role models

Being a modelling aspirant, you know that mentorship is the secret ingredient to your success. Wilderbee Talent Camp is the ideal mentor for you. We aim to offer our students the guidance they require for a future-proof strategy by introducing you to industry stewards at WTC.

7- Use testimonials and social proofs to establish your credibility

Next, when building your personal brand, ensure it is credible. You can establish it by including testimonials, feedback, or your audience reviews. This tip is especially helpful when you are working online. Adding such proofs will present your unique factor to the casting director, along with your strengths!

8- Build your online presence

Lastly, being in the gen z era, make sure you have an online presence. Though the competition is high, it is the easiest way to create your own space. Invite others that match your niche, collaborate and attract an audience for yourself. The bigger your social media presence, the more credible your personal brand will become.

Wilderbee Talent Camp is your partner to grab your dream title/ project. At WTC, we take you on a journey of self-branding and assist you at every step. With the guidance of industry stewards, success won’t be far behind.

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