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"What's in my Bag?"-Newbie Model Edition

Modelling is a job that requires a lot of hustle especially if you're a beginner in this industry. That's why you should always keep an audition bag packed up so, all you need to do is pick up the bag and, voila, you're ready for your auditions.

A Duffel Bag is preferable rather than a handbag to fit all your essentials. The first thing that you always need to carry in your bag is a couple of copies of your portfolio and comp-card. Then, a pair of skinny jeans and a well fitted tank top (women) or a t-shirt (men). So that you have the right outfit to wear for auditions that showcases your features distinctly anytime.

Makeup also plays a very important role. A no makeup-makeup look will always work in your favour. You should make a separate make-up kit for auditions and always carry a concealer a nude lipstick or lip and cheek tint that gives your face the look of a glowing healthy skin. The kit should necessarily have a dry shampoo, hairbrush, a pack of hair-tie for bad hair days.

Now, this is the tip that's going to be your holy grail for the rest of your career. Always wear flats while going to the venue and carry a pair of black or nude heels in your bag. Sometimes, you'll find a long waiting queue or the venue might be far or you might be running late and tackling all that while wearing heels should be considered a third degree torture. That's why you should change into your heels only right before showtime.

The auditions often tend to run long, so it's best if you carry a book or an e-book to pass your time. The next thing is snacks like a granola bar or peanuts and honestly it's going to be your snacks and water bottle against the world. It's important to be fully energised and hydrated in order to put your best face on.

Don't forget to carry the essentials that everyone needs, model or no model, in their bag. A phone charger, power bank, notepad, pen, and yeah, your confidence.

Follow these tips and portray your most confident amazing self to the casting directors the moment you walk in and you'll be leaving with one more thing in your bag, a new modelling job.

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