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A modelling portfolio serves as a stepping stone for aspiring models looking to break into the industry. As a result, it is critical for models to create an appealing portfolio in order to boost their chances of being recruited. Because your portfolio is similar to your resume, you must strive to show verstality and freshness.


Once you book a shoot with us, the first order of business is a one-on-one consultation with Supermodel and Fashion Director Lakshmi Rana wherein the mood of your shoot will be decided according to your goals and aspirations. 

On the day of your shoot, a team of expert stylists, MUAs and Photographers gather to bring to life the Moodboard that has been prepared beforehand to ensure a smooth and stress-free shoot experience. 

Your only tasks are to follow the instructions given to you before the shoot, and then some during the shoot as Lakshmi guides you through movements, expressions, and poses.

Since this is an end-to-end service, we select the best shots out of your entire shoot, get them edited, and share with you to be added as-is to your digital portfolio.

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