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How to find the Perfect Modeling Agency?

In a model’s career, there are 3 major initial decisions that hold the power to determine the direction in which your ship will sail.

i. Getting the right training

ii. Figuring out your niche

iii. Finding the perfect modeling agency for yourself

The agency that you sign with gets you most of your work, at least initially. The agency that helped your peers’ career soar high in the sky might turn into a plane crash for you. The important goal is not to sign with the biggest name in the industry but to sign with the one that sees your career from your viewpoint not their peripheral vision. You must keep a few things in mind before signing with an agency to ensure you’re even more compatible than a cancer-scorpio couple.  

 Above all, before reaching out to agencies, find your niche. Whether you want to be a runway model or an editorial model and within that you have to figure out your primary branch of focus i.e. campaigns, e-com, fitness etc. Based on that define your short term and long term career aspirations. 

Once you’re done with that, conduct a thorough research of agencies that align with your niche and goals. Take into account to find agencies which are geographically convenient for you. If you’re not from a tier 1 city, look for agencies in the nearest metropolis to your home.

Examine the criteria provided by the agency for submissions, which typically includes particular measurements, portfolios, and certain resume information. Verify that your application possesses all the agency's prerequisites before proceeding with submission.

This is the point our mentors never fail to mention. Make sure to curate your social media as your online portfolio. Instagram is the new LinkedIn for models. A lot of agencies scout models through their Instagram only. So, pay special attention to your PERSONAL BRANDING across all social media platforms.

Research the models your desired agency has signed and figure out the common factor that the agency looks for in its models. Besides that, make sure to find the kind of USP they desire in their models.

Double check the agency's credibility by confirming its legitimacy with your industry associations. Be cautious of agencies requesting advance fees or making exaggerated commitments that seem unrealistic.

If your agency has the aforementioned element then job satisfaction for you is guaranteed. Assess the agency's culture and its harmony with your personal values and professional goals. Additionally, analyse the level of support and mentorship the agency offers to its models.

These are just a few pointers to smoothen the process for you. Before signing any contract with an agency, read it thoroughly and seek legal help if you need but do not sign the contract till you understand and agree with it from end to end. Never dive head first in this industry, conduct in-depth research for everything and always trust your instincts.

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