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Wilderbee Talent Camp is an inclusive platform dedicated towards a focused endeavor of transforming models and aspiring models into their world class counterparts by incorporating years of industry experience and knowledge. Transforming dreams of all men and women into groomed, artistic versions of themselves, any place to THE place. We do not discriminate over gender, height and weight.

This education has been designed by Supermodel Lakshmi Rana herself, keeping in mind all the challenges that are to be faced as a model in the Fashion Industry and the tools needed to understand the business of modelling in a holistic manner.

Fashion giants speaking about how WilderBee Talent Camp can change the face of modeling in India.


“There is something that is imbibed in people who grow up in the armed forces and continue to be involved. Lakshmi Rana is one of them and it seems like we have worked together forever. Unlike other people who are bogged down by age, this tigress gets better, more professional and does the job with a finesse, zest and zeal that is hard to match, and this is why I love working with her!

Therefore, for newcomers and entrants who hope to make a mark in this industry and perhaps lead on to other things, I cannot think of a better tutor, mentor or exacting teacher than Lakshmi Rana. She is truly a woman who marches to her own drumbeat and has lived very successfully by rules that she has defined and believes in. Therefore, I think for young impressionable people who are coming into this training, they are likely to find a mentor who goes far beyond what to do on the ramp and how to look at a camera. After all to do well on the outside, you have to be well on the inside and having a fine ‘role model’ (pun intended) always helps people because it will help them define a roadmap for them to follow.”



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