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Three Things You Need To Do To Become A Model if You Come From a Tier 2 City

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

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Dreaming of sharing the ramp with supermodels like Kendal Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Amy Jackson, Toshada Uma, and more? If you are from a tier 2 city, choosing a modelling career is a bit tedious. Many reasons lead to this - uneven opportunity distribution, like geographical barriers, area developmental barriers, and others. Truth be told, a modelling career is difficult, and the competition is never-ending. Plus, the evolution of social media has given access to almost anyone to the platform where they can easily create a personal brand.

With such high competition, and added barriers for a tier 2 city aspirant, catching up on a modelling career seems difficult? What if we say that you can get on the same page as tier 1 modelling aspirants? Exciting isn’t it! The first step is to be self-aware of your best features. This will give you the potential courage to be vulnerable in front of the camera and you can focus on your strengthening features. Apart from this, there are certain tricks of the trade that you need to know. In this blog, we’ll discuss what a model is along with three tips you must follow as an aspirant from a tier 2 city.

What Does It Mean To Be a Model and How To Ace It?

A model, by definition, is a person who is hired to bring life to apparel, jewellery, footwear, and other merchandise. A model is someone that acts as a pattern for the artist - a blank canvas. When you aspire for a modelling career, the most basic pointer is that you will be advertising an artist’s products through your personal brand, poses and at times by wearing and using them. Modelling is a vast segment. The word “modelling” is often portrayed by the media as just a glamorous world. When we speak of a modelling career, it includes everything, from building your confidence, working on your inner strength and nurturing a positive self-perception, to the actual skills of the trade and finally the business of modelling.

The race to be at the top is long, and being from a tier 2 city adds on an entirely different hurdle — not getting the proper opportunities. There is no denying the fact that the fashion and modelling industry is rooted deeply in tier 1 cities, giving the aspirants from these cities an added advantage.

Hang on, don’t dwell on it. There are certain tips that can pull you up on the same page. Curious? Move on to the next segment to find out all about it.

3 Tips For Tier 2 City Aspiring Models

As exciting as a modelling career might sound, the truth is it is just as tiring. While you get to enjoy the good part, hair, makeup, and flashes can get mundane after long days. It is the passion, along with the proper guidance and tips, that fuels an aspirant to move forward. As for tier 2 aspirants, it requires a bit more than just passion. Mentioned below is the list of three tips that one needs to follow, if from a tier 2 city.

Find the Right Agency

Aspiring models from tier 2 cities need a modelling agency. The lack of awareness in cities makes it absolutely necessary. A modelling agency that is renowned and can land some fruitful opportunities for you. Make sure you do thorough research before hiring anyone as your agent. Review the agents available locally, check their website, do rigorous research, for instance, check the list of models associated with them, see their frame of work and if it fits your aims only then hire someone.

modelling agency Delhi

The way you are looking for a good modelling agency, even the agencies are looking for outstanding and passionate candidates. They will land you opportunities, and you will represent them. For you to be scouted by good agencies, the best and most appropriate way is – snapshots. Get yourself clicked and make sure the snapshots are as real as possible. In simpler words, send snapshots with minimal to no makeup and editing. This way, they get to see the real you. So, make sure your snapshots are raw and unedited.

Create Personal Branding

A personal brand represents how you present yourself on social media and other platforms. Your personal brand is a must for attracting a good agent and grabbing leading jobs. The personal brand simply means your social presence, how people see you and what your strengths are. Toshada Uma, a leading supermodel, started her career as an Instagram model. Kylie Jenner is another Instagram model, but her name itself is a brand. These two examples depict the importance of a social presence and your personal brand. You can also take inspiration from Anukriti Saraswat, Prince Narula, Bani J, and Surveen Chawla. There are some popular models (some even made it to Bollywood) from tier 2 cities.

Personal Branding

Visibility is a challenge but it can be overcome by making a brand for yourself. Create a brand so big that reputed agents search for you, not the other way round. Follow the basic steps, create an account on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and advertise your strengths. See this profile, Yashraj Chouhan was part of our very first model training camp. With all the tools & tricks we provided him, he established an inspiring and influential personal branding considering all aspects such as expertise, storytelling and value proposition. You can follow his approach. He created engaging content and used his strengths to educate & influence his followers. Be vulnerable but most importantly, see how people perceive you. Strap on your smart pants, do research and build yourself.

Build Your Modelling Portfolio

A modelling career is nothing without a strong portfolio. The first step to building an attractive portfolio is to find your niche. Modelling careers are a vast segment with different niches. Different sectors demand different requirements. For instance, if you want to be a fitness model, your portfolio should be more focused on your athletic strengths and features, while if you want to be an editorial or catalogue model, height and weight requirements can vary.

Attractive portfolio

Contrary to popular misconception, modelling is not caked walk, it is difficult. So, to make yourself visible in the pool of aspirants, you have to be different. Your x-factor must be presented clearly in your personal brand and in your portfolio.

And …

Lastly, apart from all these tips, one of the essential things is —confidence. It is 100% mandatory. How confident you look in your snapshots and your portfolio carries plenty of advantages. Being confident will take you on a long road regardless of your niche and whatever your city tier may be.

Wilderbee Talent Camp, founded by the Queen of Ramp, Lakshmi Rana herself, strives to train and guide every aspirant. Regardless of which city you come from and your gender or race, we aim to provide an equal stage for all. Before you join an agency, get yourself trained and educated about the business of modelling. This increases the chance of you getting associated with better agencies and even if you choose to work as a freelance model then our Bootcamp will help you chalk a path as a freelance model within your niche.

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