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Is Height A Criteria To Become A Model In India?

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Model in India

“Girls of all kinds can be beautiful: from the thin, plus-sized, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned, quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing, and everything in between”.

Embarking words by Tyra Banks are as true to the core. Hang on. It is not just valid for girls, it applies to males as well. Regardless of your age, weight, height, and sexuality, every person is beautiful. Though it sounds hard to believe, the modelling industry has started accepting this as well.

Yes, today, you can see transgenders as models, short-height models, models with tattoos, female models with beards, specially-abled models, and plus-size models. Gone are the days when the industry had strict criteria to select models; all the industry wants today are: a strong persona, confidence, and fierceness. With these characteristics, you are good to go.

From a time when the beauty standards made everyone believe that only tall and fit people could model to a time when body positivity and self-love were appreciated in every gender and nationality. The industry is transforming into a more accepting one!!!

Can a Short Person be a Model in India?

Can a short person be a model? This burning question has faded over time. The industry is evolving, no more strict norms about height. Yes, you heard that right. Height is not an important factor for modelling today. It is just a misconception that a short-height model can’t make it big in the industry.

Not just for females, but for male models as well. The modelling industry has started to rule out the old biases and beauty norms. In simpler words, there is a vast range of fields where short-height models can thrive such as editorial, commercial, and influencer modelling.

Here’s an important tip: Whilst for high-end modelling, some brands might ask you to meet a set standard height, short height models can effectively thrive in commercial areas.

How To Become A Short Height Model?

Wipe away those tears because, with just the proper steps, you can ace your dreams! Remember that with tips, you are also going to need a strong portfolio, with all the wow factors so that your height goes unnoticed with all your talent and personality. So, to ignite your flame of passion, here we bring you some tips that will help the short height model achieve success,

  • The first tip is quite simple but tricky, you have to be smart about your photoshoots. Hire a photographer that can highlight your key features.

  • Next, and a very important tip for a short height model, is to know the strengths of your body and work your way around them. Play with your strengths so that you can have the most desirable portfolio.

  • The final tip is to wear the right piece of clothing. Even if you are a short-height model, clothing is necessary. Try wearing outfits that make you taller and sleek to avail the best jobs in town.

Short Height Model - Possible Landing Jobs

Can a short person be a model? Very much, yes! But what exactly are the possible landing jobs for a short height model? Mentioned below is the list of areas where short-height models can thrive.

Commercial Modelling

First up on the list is commercial modelling. Although it is pretty clear from the name, this area covers modelling for sale. You can model cosmetics brands, jewelry, pharmaceuticals, hotels, cars, and other products. For these sectors, you don’t need to be six feet tall. This is one of the best industries for a short-height model.

Regardless of your height and gender, when you are posing for these commercials, it is your features and personality that get you the job and not your height.

commercial modeling

Catalogue Modelling

It is true that the high-end fashion industry is strict when it comes to height, but this shouldn’t stop you. There is a whole list of industries where a short height model can work. Catalogue Modelling is one such industry. It is a niche where models advertise for clothing brands, products, events, or accessories. For landing a job in this sector, all you need is confidence, a strong persona, and flawless charisma that create a strong portfolio and get you a good agent.

In recent times, more and more brands are coming forward to work with short-height models with achievable beauty. Even editorial modelling (modelling done for prints and advertisements), which is famous for models like Gigi Hadid, is now welcoming short-height models.

catalogue modelling India

Swimsuit Modelling

Last on our list is swimsuit modelling and lingerie modelling. For these, you don’t have to worry about the ever-existing question: can a short person be a model? When talking about this industry, a curvy body is more in demand than height.

To excel in this industry, you need healthy skin (mainly because more skin is visible and there is no harm in maintaining healthy skin, right) and curves so that the swimwear lies gorgeously on you. For males, confidence is much more of a requirement, because all they’ll be wearing is bottom wear.

Swim suit model - Laxmi Rana

Short Models That Rose High In The Industry WorldWide

Revolutionising times call for a short height model! Here is a list of some short height models.

Toshada Uma

The new sensation in India, Toshada Uma, is just four feet and eight inches and is a fabulous model. As a kid, she worked with many brands and is now a renowned blogger, influencer and model.

Toshada Uma - short model

Lily Rose Depp

Lily Rose Depp, a model for the famous fashion brand Chanel is just five feet and two inches. A perfect example of a short-height model, she is known for her work with Vogue Paris, British Vogue and ELLE France.

Lily Rose Depp short height model

Aaron Frew

Measuring five feet seven inches, Aron Frew is breaking all the conventions in the fashion industry. He is famous for his work with Calvin Klein, Hysteria Magazine and Vogue. With a phenomenal physique, he has shorter than the standard height for male models but has undoubtedly defied the existence of the question: can a short person be a model.

Aaron Frew

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