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Expert’s Approved Tips For Making A Lasting Impression During Modelling Auditions

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Modelling Auditions


The first impression is not the last one, yet it is the first PERCEPTION, which goes all around the modelling industry. It is the first perception of you that decides whether or not you will land on your desired project. Your personality becomes your business card and your attitude takes you further. Unlike other industries, there are many misconceptions circling the modelling industry about making a strong impression and acing an audition. “You need to be skinny”, “you need a ‘perfect’ face”, “you need to be tall”, and “you need to be young”, are some common phrases you hear when you are in the early stages of preparing for a modelling audition.

Did you know many of these are simply myths, while others are subjective to your niche, and project? Prepping for an audition in the modelling industry is entirely different from the audition for acting. Therefore, to burst the bubble of myths, and assist you in prepping for auditions, we bring tips straight from experts in the modelling industry!

Modeling audition tips

Do Your Homework

Remember the golden days, when your parents made you do homework so that you are prepared for the class the next day? The same applies while preparing for modelling auditions.

Read the brief from your agent/brand

The first rule to excel is to always read the brief that your agent or associated brand provides. Whether you are auditioning as a ramp model or a campaign/ commercial model, following through with the agent’s/brand’s brief will certainly assist you in leaving a lasting impression.

Practice Ramp Walk

This is for the aspirants desiring to be a ramp model. You need to practice your walk! Your portfolio along with your walk are two driving forces to make a lasting impression in your auditions. In case you are aiming for a commercial project, you just need to groom yourself.

Get A High-quality Professional Portfolio

P.O.R.T.F.O.L.I.O - this nine-letter word is what makes your first impression as well as your first perception. Therefore, you should present your best self in your portfolio. For the same, make sure you get clicked by professional photographers and consult industry specialists for the most favorable portfolio.

Choose your niche

Your portfolio should be in accordance with your niche. For instance, if you desire to be a commercial model or campaign model, your portfolio should focus on highlighting your poses and features. Contrary to it, ramp models need to also focus on their height and posture.

Show your versatility

Modelling asks for range, regardless of your niche. Your portfolio needs to depict the versatility you bring to the table, always remember that! A professionally presented portfolio will increase your chances of landing your said project.

Professionally designed template

When your portfolio is professional, the color templates for your portfolio are also in contrast to your snapshots. Along with it, aspirants also need to keep in mind that the portfolio should have pictures of their current look (if your pictures are in short hair, you need to have short hair for the audition as well).

Feature your best shots

As aforementioned, with your portfolio, you put your best foot forward, and thus the portfolio should be a collection of your best shots. It should feature your best characteristics, and poses.

Be Picture Ready

Acting auditions ask you to dress up according to the preference of the director/ producer. Contrary to it, in the modelling industry, minimal dressing is more impactful.

Dress the part

While dress to impress is the policy that circles us around, specifically for the modelling industry - minimal is the way to go. Hence, it is always beneficial to wear an outfit that highlights your best features and compliments your skin tone.


As said before, minimalism is the way to success. In lieu of accessorizing yourself with necklaces, rings, and earrings, keep your look simple. The modelling Industry is about presenting your unfiltered self. Thus, it is best to carry no or minimal accessories.

Be extra ready with makeup

Before going for an audition, you should be aware of the makeup techniques. Makeup is a skill that acts as a brownie point to your portfolio and personality. If you want to make a lasting impression, carry a strong personality with a no-makeup makeup look.

Get ready to take direction

The basic mantra to ace any modelling audition is to groom yourself and prepare a firm yet tolerant attitude. There may be times when you have to take directions from the casting director and wait in a queue, in such instances, only your attitude can take you forward.

Be Confident, Be Bold

Regardless of the niche you choose in the modelling industry, your personality is what lands you the said project/ job. From your character to your x-factor, everything is examined in an audition.


Groom yourself! Excelling in auditions and paving your path to excellence in modelling depends on a strong personality. Speaking of personality, you should always be confident and love yourself, only then will the casting director/ agency believe in your potential.


You might have heard “character is destiny”. It is every ounce of truth and even the modelling industry lives by this motto. Your attitude, punctuality, and versatility are what bring you the opportunity for your next job and make you a subject of discussion.

Be Unique

Similar to other industries, even in the modelling industry, the competition is high. Therefore, your unique x-factor will be the driving force to set you apart from the crowd. And don’t compare yourself to others because it is your uniqueness that will get you through.

Be Polite, Follow Instructions

Whether you are auditioning for a ramp model, catalogue model, campaign model, or commercial model, patience is a key trait that modelling aspirants should possess.

Behavioural aspects

Similar to your personality and character, people remember you from your behaviour. All these three together, decide whether you made a lasting impression or otherwise.

Present what you bring to the table

When you go for an audition, make sure you convey what you have to offer. That is your personality. Be comfortable with your body language and show the confidence you have in yourself. Confidence in yourself is a must and that must be shown through expressions and body language.

How Can Wilderbee Talent Help?

Wilderbee Talent Camp lives by the motto - transformation begins with a thought. Therefore to help modelling aspirants, Lakshmi Rana conceived this project. Now, through her own experience, and help from other industry experts, at WTC we train and groom aspirants so that they can land their dream projects!

WTC Modeling course

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