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What Should Be A Pageant Prep Journey Like?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Many women nowadays aspire to participate in pageants. India is filled with dreamers, whether it's for Miss India, Miss Worldwide, Miss Bangalore, or international platforms for Ms World, Ms Universe, etc. However, dreamers must keep in mind that working in this field necessitates adequate instruction about how to walk the ramp effectively. How do you deal with the audience and the judges? How do you respond to the judges' probing questions? Prepare to perform at your peak for the huge event, with courage and capability. You should be aware that you are the centre of attention, and the audience will be watching your walk, mannerisms, clothing, and speech.

Pageant Prep Journey

You might be contemplating what you'll do to improve your chances of qualifying and possibly winning the contest.

How Do You Give Your Pageant Prep Journey A Structure?

Some novice pageant contestants mistakenly believe that pageant preparation begins when they submit their pageant registration. However, we are here to tell you that you must start preparing for your pageant well before you register. Contestants who prepare for the pageant for their pageant contest in a well-structured and regular manner have a better chance of winning.

Make A Budget For The Contest

It's enticing to start buying the right dress and accessories once after you've registered. You must determine your contest budget. If you overpay, you'll lose money and have to scale back on training. You wouldn't want to reduce spending on training because it's your capabilities that win you a crown.

There are several instances where you may save money so you can indulge elsewhere. You can succeed on a budget; all you have to do is spend your money wisely.

Formulate A Preparation Plan

It's a chance to make your preparation plan now that you've established a budget. Top candidates often begin preparing for a state title four to five months prior to the competition. Candidates for regional or festival crowns typically begin 8 to 12 weeks prior to the pageant.

Make a note of everything you have to do before the pageant. Divide them into days so you can accomplish something each week. You could go searching for your introductory number dress next week and then concentrate on your rehearsal clothing the following week.

Don't forget to schedule your workouts throughout the week. You should begin interview preparation 12 to 16 weeks before the competition. In addition, 4 to 6 weeks before the contest, you should begin rehearsing your modelling. It's easy to postpone without a strategy, and afterwards, you end up rushing.

Get Enough Experience

It might be nerve-wracking to compete in a pageant next to thousands of people. Get some rehearsal time under your belt before entering the pageant of your dreams. If you get the chance to compete in a minor event prior to competing for the ultimate title, take advantage of it. It takes a lot of dedication to compete in a Miss Teen, Miss Earth, or Miss World pageant. And it comes with an excellent deal of responsibilities.

professional expertise

A minor pageant prior to your final contest will allow you to assess whether or not you enjoy participating in pageants. You could also enrol in ramp walking classes or participate in a statewide fashion show. Engaging in one of these will provide you with valuable experience that will help you feel confident.

Right Coaching

Pageantry is not simple; you must be the finest version of yourself. The competition is high. You must study everything –from body language to personal branding – if you want to become the greatest among them.

Coaching From Lakshmi Rana

Walking on a runway is one of the hardest things people have to do. For your next pageant, you should engage a coach to assist in improving your onstage appearance and walk techniques. This was a wise investment, and you need to keep practising this part of your contest meticulously as it is a smart move to boost your morale.

Wardrobe Selection

It's one of the best aspects of planning. Searching for contest attire is a huge part of the thrill of obtaining a crown. It is fun to select a wardrobe but one should also keep in mind a few things – your body type and personality and then analyse your budget.

Wardrobe Selection

What will look the best on you? Then, look for accessories that go with it. Above all, don't be stressed.

Since we all understand, pageants can be daunting if we go in blind on budget. You won't have to settle and can have a positive mindset about the entire endeavour if you're forthright about how much you're willing to spend financially, mentally, psychologically, and so on.

Enjoy The Process

When you concentrate solely on winning, you stiffen up instinctively, and the judges observe. They can tell you're talented, but you don't appear to be having fun. You appear to be nervous, and no one really votes for a candidate who appears to be in a bad mood.

Outstanding contestant

Instead, concentrate on honing your talents and having fun with the competition. The judges will then notice an outstanding contestant who is polite, calm under pressure, and plainly equipped to handle the title's obligations.

What WTC Will Be Doing Differently?

Wilderbee Talent Camp is dedicated to transforming aspirants into top names with our years of professional expertise and knowledge. We help women transform into refined, artistic images of themselves. We don't make any distinctions based on stature, or weight. The school also teaches participants how to strike the right balance between their everyday lives and the more glamorous worlds of modelling and movies. What makes your pageant training journey different at Wilderbee are the 100+ hours of training that cover-

One on One training

  • One on One Session With Lakshmi Rana and Rita Gangwani

We offer you one on one interaction sessions with Lakshmi Rana, founder of WTC and Femina Miss India 2000, and Rita Gangwani, founder of RIGAHAUS. Rita Gangwani is also termed “The Queenmaker”. Both these ladies will give you insights based on their experiences and expertise –helping you grow towards success.

  • Personality Development

Personality is everything in a pageant show. We at WTC will teach different ways how to improve their personality into a confident and charismatic one. We teach the aspirants how to carry themselves regardless of the outfits. We at WTC believe the core value of pageants – is that only confidence can win, thus have tuned in methods to help the aspirants makeover their personalities.

  • Voice Modulation For Effective Communication

Some people have a loud base volume while others have a shrill voice. When talking about pageant shows, from confidence to voice, everything is taken into consideration. At WTC we will teach in a very easy and subtle manner. We will teach you how to speak with clarity, and what syllables to stress while speaking while also teaching what tone and volume to use.

  • Building Your Personal Brand

From modelling to pageant shows, your personal brand will only take you forward. It distinguishes you from your competitors. It is what people say when you are not in the room. WTC will help the aspirants learn how to make an impactful personal brand.

  • Mock Sessions To Prepare You for Judges Interview and Introduction Round

We also take the aspirants through mock sessions. This gives an environment the same as the pageant show and helps in preparing for the questions that judges might ask. We prep you for your interview rounds.

  • Acing the runway walk

Above all, your walk is what grabs the most attention. Having a perfectly tuned voice and an abrupt walk will lead you nowhere in a pageant show. We help you work on your walk. With our teachings, you will ace it like the stage was always yours.

  • Beauty with Purpose Project

As a winner, you will be in a position of power to make a change and impact lives. At Wilderbee you will learn how to connect your personal brand to the cause you are motivated towards. From identifying the topic to building a roadmap to execute it, we have it all covered.

Need help with your pageant preparation? Get expert guidance and mentorship with Wilderbee Talent Camp. Register and get exclusive training and expert insights with our well-trained coaches and mentors.

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