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How Beauty Pageant Provide A Platform To Explore Women’s Abilities

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Beauty Pageant Platform

Beauty pageants have stood on a contested platform from the beginning. People have always noticed these beauty pageants as claptrap to their culture. Though a debate on defending these pageants may be never-ending, the changing society has started considering that these types of platforms empower women and help them explore their abilities.

For decades, many young women have won extravagant beauty pageants such as Miss India Miss International, Miss World, and Miss Universe. Different winners of beauty pageants have shared their experiences during their beauty pageant training and explained how participating in beauty pageants has been a prized possession of their life. The word 'Beauty' is not only related to outer appearance but it is defined in terms of behavior.

Beauty pageants are also known to provide a direct ticket to success, recognition, and fame. While many pageants are breaking the norms of stereotyping women, let us put some light on how they have affected and enhanced women's abilities.

Is a beauty pageant an empowering platform?

Yukta Mookhey | Indian Miss World

Have you heard of Yukta Mookhey? An Indian Miss World pageant, Yukta Mookhey worked as a full-time social worker, she worked for patients affected by severe diseases like HIV/AIDS, thalassemia, and Breast Cancer. Malavika Thapa is a plus size-model and the winner of an all-India plus-sized beauty pageant. Not only did she break the typical pageant norm but has also inspired many minor community aspirants (plus-size, albinism, small-town model, etc). With her words, she is helping plus-size aspirants to achieve their goals. Another great example is Sushmita Sen. Unlike the other models wearing top brands when Sushmita entered the Miss Universe Pageant, her dress was sewn by a local tailor of Sarojini Nagar. Yet she was able to take the crown home.

Malavika Thapa - plus size-model

Pageant winners are readily proving that a beauty pageant is not only to celebrate the beauty of a lady but to let her explore the abilities that lie within. Competitions like these work as a reflective mirror for their personalities, intelligence, and behavior. Participating in a beauty pageant does not have to be negative, because the sole reason behind such a pageant is to understand that beauty is to express yourself and feel confident about eternal things that would last longer than the appearance.

Once a woman joins a competition like this she is ought to receive many positive opportunities that shape her future.

It Provides A Respected View To The Women

The pageant industry was established in 1854, and the main reason behind it was to respect a queen's character and to acknowledge her abilities. The winning ladies were also promised a better lifestyle and a handful of goodies and cash prizes. These perks allowed a woman to feel respected and gained a sense of importance among her peers.

Beauty Pageants Participants

Many beauty pageant training schools were developed to provide exposure to these women and let them showcase their talents. With the right training and grooming, many women have topped the acting industry after they were crowned in a beauty pageant competition.

Some famous names that have actively participated in beauty pageants, mainstream acting, and activism or social work as Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Venessa Williams, Eva Longoria, etc. These ladies are the epitome of success and beauty that is loved and appreciated by all.

Popular faces from beauty pageant competitions empower the aspiring models

Beauty pageants have not only brought out some of the smartest and most attractive ladies but given individuals who are now involved in health, education, activism, socialism, etc.

1. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra A Bold Actor

A dominating face as a Bollywood and global star, Priyanka Chopra became Miss World in the year 2000. She is a well-known actor that has played some diversified and strong roles. Coming from a family that had no link with the entertainment or pageant industry, she took the world on fire. Starting from a simple beauty pageant training school, she is now an actor, model, singer, and activist.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

Winner of Miss Black Tennessee in the year 1971, we all are aware of this powerful woman that built her own billion-dollar empire. Oprah Winfrey is now a television host, actress, producer, philanthropist, and author. Above all many young aspiring women take her as their inspiration and aspire to be like her.

3. Reita Faria

Reita Faria - Miss World Pageant

Have you ever heard about Reita Faria? A former model and winner of the 1966 Miss World Pageant. She was noted as the first Asian woman to win a beauty contest at the international level. After winning the beauty contest she took the world by storm and people started to notice her abilities on the world platform. She also worked as a qualified physician and currently provides medical assistance from her home.

4. Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot - Winner of the Beauty Pageant

Do you know her? The Wonder Woman from the DC cinematic universe? Yes, our favorite and inspirational superhero woman was once a winner of the Beauty Pageant competition. She won Miss Israel in 2004. Her constant hard work and some help from a beauty pageant training camp took her to the heights where she is now. Gadot once stated that she never wanted to win the competition but her persona and self-confidence gave her the crown which is one of the first famous moments that gave her acting career a break.

Is the future bright for beauty pageants?

With better opportunities knocking at the door every day, you can be ensured of securing a powerful place in society. Getting the right beauty pageant training plays an important role here, it helps you to follow a route that leads to a better version of your personality. Once a person starts meeting other powerful and influential women in the world you can open your gate to success.

In coming years the beauty pageant industry would rectify itself as a gender-neutral competition. There were times when women were Supposed to participate in these types of pageants while men took a backseat. Learning new things and how to play new roles would provide us with a broader picture of these beauty pageant competitions.

beauty pageant training schools - Wilderbee Talent Camp

Beauty pageant training schools like Wilderbee Talent Camp have come forward to train young aspirants. The pageantry industry is evolving and its journey can be traced through the winners. Year after year, women winning these pageants are becoming inspirations to several others. For instance, Reita Faria, Malavika Thapa, and Susmita Sen are all models from different minor communities and have broken the typical pageantry norm. Over decades, beauty pageants have celebrated women based on their intelligence, competitiveness, confidence, and self-worth, keeping their financial status, size, and race aside.

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