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Building Bridges: The Power of Community in the Modeling Industry

In a world where competition often overshadows collaboration, the modeling industry has a widespread reputation for being cutthroat. You must have seen many portrayals of the “dark side” of modeling in popular culture, and may have heard people around you look upon it in a negative light due to this image. Now amidst all this, imagine a safe haven for aspiring models – a thriving ecosystem of support, guidance, and celebration. Say hello to the Wilderbee Community – an online community that is a groundbreaking concept designed to help newcomers in the industry safely navigate it.

Aspiring models who join the Wilderbee Talent Camp for their Model Training Course embark on a transformative 5-day journey, honing their skills and building a solid foundation for success. But the story doesn't end there; it's only just the beginning. On completing their training, these new family members are invited into the warm embrace of the Wilderbee Community, a virtual haven where collaboration and community override unhealthy competition and safety concerns. Each member is welcomed into the community with love, and made to feel like a part of the community by existing members.

More than just another online group, the Wilderbee Community thrives on the collective power of over 320 members and counting. It's a sanctuary where models from diverse backgrounds, body types, and identities come together to uplift one another, demolishing the notion of a cold and disconnected industry. Wondering how this is put into practice? There are a few ways that the Wilderbee Community is an invaluable addition to our alumni’s life, and in fact, how it can set any aspiring model for success through the power of community. Here are some of them:

  1. Members regularly share golden work opportunities, opening doors for their peers and breaking down barriers that would otherwise stand in their way. There is a culture of sharing opportunities for success, instead of keeping them to oneself out of competitiveness.

2. The Wilderbee Community always looks out for its own, fiercely protecting and acting as a shield against the darker side of the modeling world. Concerns about photographers, agencies, or clients are met with genuine support as members look out for each other's safety and well-being, and discuss whether certain opportunities are genuine or fake. In this space, unity conquers fear by leveraging the collective knowledge of so many to help aspiring models make more informed decisions.

3. Everyone’s victories are celebrated and met with pride. From signing with a coveted agency to strutting down the runway for a renowned designer, every triumph is met with a chorus of cheers.

But perhaps the most enchanting aspect of the Wilderbee Community is the presence of a guiding light - none other than the brilliant Lakshmi Rana, a renowned Indian Supermodel and the founder of Wilderbee Talent Camp. So:

4. With her boundless wisdom and compassion, Lakshmi takes on the role of a mentor, offering her invaluable guidance to every member. Members pose all sorts of questions on the group - from technical/skill-based questions to queries about finances, agencies, and clients. They receive personalized advice from Lakshmi whose 23 years of experience serve as valuable guidance in moments of need.

The Wilderbee Community is a testament to what happens when growth, passion, and dedication converge. It is a heartbeat, pulsing with hope and unity, echoing far beyond the confines of its digital domain. While the modeling industry may have its challenges, Wilderbee Talent Camp has laid the foundation for a transformative future, one where fierce talent and unwavering support help nurture dreams. The Wilderbee Community is a place where models can thrive in harmony, break boundaries, and craft new narratives for the world of modeling – one that is built on solidarity and celebrates every individual, every accomplishment, and every type of beauty.

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