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3 possible ways to find out if your agency is ethical.

The ethics of a modelling agency- what could it possibly mean? A vivid understanding of grooming and contracts? Perhaps a well constructed pay structure? Representation of real people instead of privileged socialites? Ah, the ideal package. Though it sounds utopian, this moral compass is honestly obtainable.

Without further ado let’s jump right into it.

  1. Let’s talk money.

Agencies do not ask you for money. Period. That’s all. It’s a basic rule like coughing into your hand when there is a stranger near you or liking every picture of Beyonce on the internet. The only time you have to pay is when you’re learning a skill not for merely signing up. Spend your money on more important things like an actual netflix account that is not your ex’s or even better; acquiring a skill set or THE skill set to walk to the runway.

2. Responsibility or Kangana’s tweets?

Most agencies use the logic of the ‘twitter queen’ herself by avoiding actual responsibility of getting you gigs and photoshoots. That’s literally the whole point of an agency. You get a model, you sign them up for gigs and Voila you have accomplished a basic necessity. Yet agencies all over ask for hefty amounts for unprofessional work and indecent work environments. Y’all better start watching legally blonde and suit up ‘cause this is honestly a working class felony.

3. The p word- Payment

It’s tough enough to get a gig but to not be paid? That’s just plain indecency. It’s their job to pay you. If it has been months or even a few weeks, ask them. Talk to them. If not, sue them under Payment of Wages Act, 1936.

We know something in the article could have scared the bejesus out of you but we assure you assistance. The Wilderbee community was created to ensure a safe space and support for aspiring models. Our training camps focus on instilling in you the confidence, skills and knowledge to handle your own career path.

We’re right here for you with open arms and a tissue box. Join our community and see the difference we make.

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