“I don’t belong” – This is a feeling that has been consistent in my belief system when it comes to anything related to beauty, fashion or embracing this body of mine, yet it is with deep gratitude I can say that not only did @lakshmirana completely challenge it but also forever transformed how I look at myself, at modeling and fashion industry and at places where people like me have always been foreigners. WTC is a platform to groom and harness the avalanche of power that is REAL BEAUTY.

Training modules that cover Inner Connect, Personal Branding, Financial Management, Posing Classes and Body Language + so much more for rapid transformation.

It is an experience I will always cherish thanks to the phenomenal women I had the honour of learning from.
Once again, thank you @lakshmirana for the pep talk where you reminded me that I deserved to be there, heck I needed to be there, you are a pioneer and thank you for bringing change into an industry that is ready for it
I carry home many memories but most of all I carry a reminder for myself and for every room women like me are not welcomed :


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